12 Things to Consider before Making a Functional, Useful Mobile APP

12 Things to APP Development

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12 Things to APP Development
Mobile APP Development

How to create a mobile app? Many of us probably thought of this at some point since the smartphone took over the market. One of the main reason of recent technological boom is rapid Mobile app development. Technology has come to the fingertips because of the massive change in mobile app culture. There are different types of mobile apps in platform basis. Android and IOs are the two most popular platform. However, regardless of the platform, it is all starts with an idea. There are ten generic ways to get an idea to its executioner level in the form of a mobile app.


The first and foremost thing is to understand is the idea. Every idea starts with basic needs of lackings. Once an idea hits, it has to be more specific for further development. At the very first level, the idea is just the need, the next questions follows are what purpose it would serve. Who are beneficiaries? How would it help? What are the alternatives to the idea? Mobile apps are very dispensable. If it does not serve many, it would rather be an idea. You need persistence and dedication to be a true believer. The process will test your belief. You only have to believe.


Identify the Platform of building mobile apps is the next step to follow. As the apps are intended to run on various platforms, unlike the laptops and desktops, these platforms require a compressed UI compatible with a smaller screen and touchscreen features. There are multiple types of mobile app platform available. The primary app building platforms are:

Native Apps: Native mobile app development process highly focused on only one platform. For example: if the product intended to run on android it would not support iOS device and vice versa.

Web Apps:  Unlike other mobile apps web apps needs a browser to run. One needs to follow a specific link to install the web app, and there will be an icon where they can use it through the browser. These apps are written in HTML5. There are many web app development tools available to ease the process as well.

Hybrid Apps: There are apps, which are capable of running on both native, and web platforms are called hybrid apps. Unlike native apps, hybrid runs both Android and IOS devices. Although there is an inclination to one particular platform, hybrid app development tools offer versatility; makes it popular among the users.

After the second decision, it seems that you have good interest to build the app. All right! Let us focus on the followings then.


You need to understand the smartphone app development market. Following subject’s information are critical.

  • Market trends.
  • User expectations.
  • Industry standards.
  • Quality standards.

You should look for similar types of products and go through their review system, where you will find end users viewpoint, which is extremely vital in this case. This will offer a head start to the process and of course, will help to get a better app to the consumer.


To understand the needs and demands of the consumer in the rapid mobile app development market, one must be one. To think like them, you need to understand them. As the idea begins with a sense of lacking’s, you do have the need. Now follow what other responses towards a similar requirement. There are specific subdivisions like age, gender, sexual orientation; monthly income is an essential thing to concern. You must understand what your audience want is and have to place that product accordingly. It is all about awareness, and a successful one will be ripe the best result.


Mobile application development projects are incredibly technical, and a professional app development company is required to do the task. You must be focused on picking the right app development company to bring out your dream product. CoreiBytes is one of the leading app development company who cares to do the technical wizardry for any mobile app development. They provide a one-stop solution and treats every customer with top priority to help them gain the ultimate business goals, objectives, and accrues high return on investment. Remember, this is a partnership, which will turn the dream into success. Therefore, hiring someone like CoreiBytes is an utmost priority.


App development business demands high budgeting. So, proper budgeting for a product is highly recommended. This is one of the prior decision to make. Although top app developments firms like CoreiBytes provides an estimation based on the customer, demand there should be some surplus plan as well. This budget is determinant at what type of product you are going to introduce in the market.

Following are the fundamental phenomenon to comprehend while going for any budget.

  • What platform?
  • Linked to any third party apps?
  • Addition of any visual objects
  • Addition of features like GPS navigation, NFC technology, and others
  • Other technical support
  • Creative Design

Looks is the first attraction. Therefore, the visual placement of the app is critical. However, the visuals must be fine-tuned with the core characteristics of the apps. Target audience plays the significant parts in this decision.


Off course, the idea came into existence for a specific need, and the core purpose of the app is to serve, but there has to be specific business model encircling the app. The monetization strategies are made based on the target audience. There are specific methods of app monetization. These are:

  • Membership
  • In application buy
  • In application promotions
  • Sponsorship

Without a proper monetization method, the app will not survive to serve.


Testing the beta version is one of the crucial steps before going into the market full-fledged. In order, understand the public reaction and the timing placing a beta release before the original product is always fruitful. Because of the public response and usage if there any snags and glitches are available in the product are revealed, and the final product becomes indestructible.


After done with the beta version testing go for the final product launch. There can be events like pre-launch activity may have been undertaken to make a blow in the people’s minds. Social media is a great platform to get the maximum exposure with the highest efficiency. If you wish to get a high return on your investment, make the world known that it is available; arrange a launching ceremony.


The specific marketing approach is fundamental to gain a maximum response from the target audience. It is as important as the app development stage. To get the highest public attention, these steps are vital.

  • Contact with the different app market like iTunes and Google play to advertise the app
  • Pitch your advertisement of the app in the dominant social network like Facebook, Twitter an Instagram
  • Collaborate with journalist and bloggers related to technology and let them know about your app
  • An official announcement on free locales or a paid site can be exceptionally convenient
  • Go for an official statement
  • Hire a PR firm

Analytics are being used for bringing out the user behavior towards your app and gets you the right picture of your apps standings. From this, you will be able to identify what changes you need to bring. There are different analytics tools to do this task for you. Using multiple app analytics get a better result.


Ask customers for their feedback. It is imperative, and the right result will determine the longevity of the product. The customer’s needs and demands are ever changing. Evolving is the only way to stay alive in the ever-changing app world. With proper synchronization with customers’ needs and requirements, it becomes more natural, and feedback provides the fuel.


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