Is Microsoft giving up on windows?- Watching-out for AI!

Microsoft and AI

AI on the Horizon

The age of good AI is an old topic. It has been written in the books. AI or artificial intelligence is the latest concern. It is not only about windows, anymore.

Microsofts’ Point of View

Like every other CEO, Satya Nadella was expected to follow the old norms in Microsoft, following the next advancement of windows only. However, he did come out with a different idea altogether. To Satya Nadella the C from CEO is about culture, and he is focusing on to change the culture of Microsoft. Instead of focusing on getting out the next version of windows, Mr. Satya is concentrating on making a collaboration with its rival products.

Multi-Device Applications

Microsoft has reconceptualized the idea of the operating system by making every windows application as a multi-device application that is accessible by every other device. The fact is people, use different devices, and making every application as device friendly; will let more people use windows application. The simple concept led to the introduction of Microsoft 365; allow anyone to have the multi-device experience.

How Things Panning Out

Microsoft has been working with getting its software to IoT devices like drones, support companies with cloud services, and improve its enterprise software. Retail customers are coming into the afterthought, which has reflected in the Microsoft Build 2018. It is arguably true that every windows user has a phone. Therefore, almost every user is using a windows device and probably a non-windows device. In the latest update of windows, there are features available like the timeline of My Phone in Surface or HoloLens. The feature lets the user to continue and complete their task and provides a raw multidevice experience.

Mr. Nadella feels Microsoft is more capable of doing that than ever. Microsoft cloud platform Azure is not being built only for windows but also Linux as first class and Java as first class as well. The focus is to serve as more users as possible. This idea brings to the fact that, it is not taking away the windows instead adding to it by the capability to span more devices and this is what Microsoft 365 is all about.

Microsoft is looking for the real application of AI or artificial intelligence.  Microsoft has installed Azure IoT Edge in the DJI Drone which flyover the oil pipelines and recognizes any breaks.

Microsofts’ Principals for AI

Although artificial intelligence opens many opportunities, it comes with enormous responsibility as well. With the recent security breakdown in Facebook and Uber, these issues raise a considerable concern. Mr. Nadella has pointed out three principals that should be under consideration primarily.

  • Privacy: Understanding people’s rights to privacy are fundamental to any tech company. Privacy is the most concerning factor as well.
  • Security: The second principle is treating security and cybersecurity as necessary for everyone.
  • Questions: Instead of asking the question, “What can computers do?” one must ask, “What should computer do?

AI is not only about the technology frameworks, but it is more about ethical principles that guide the excellent AI, and Mr. Nadella thinks that is the point to start.