Importance and Effects of Code of Conduct in Software Industry

Workplace Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

There are many businesses, serving the same base of customers and invariably the products and services are same as well, and yet they are distinctive to each other. How? In business, organization act as a single entity and the unique features are the codes and values that shape up the internal culture and brings uniformity between employees. The set of values are known as the code of conduct. Every organization must have one whether they are mandated or not. A code is an internal guideline and at the same time and external, the statement of organization’s prior concerns and pledges.

Code of Conduct-dig deep

A code of conduct must reflect the organization’s mission, vision, values, and principles and they should be efficiently synced with standards of professionalism.

• In the internal aspect, the codes are the guidelines for the employees and management to follow and it is a benchmark as well which shape up the uniformity of the organization than that of others in the same business. It is regarded as the standard guidelines and reference to the employees while making a critical decision, empowers employees in case of ethical predicaments, serves as a reference to every other company related aspect, and issues as well.

• In the external state of affairs, it works as compliance as per the government instruction, works as marketing as it refers to the corporate values and commitment. Therefore, ultimately it turns the consumer’s attention towards the company. It minimizes the risk if the organization follows the code of conducts as per the government compliance; they are more likely to get the upper hand in the certain situation.

Code of conduct in the software industry

In today’s first paced technological era, the need for software is supposedly the most fundamental phenomenon for businesses. Big companies are focusing on their global market more efficiently by using the massive technological development in their armory. Mobile technology has emerged in its new era where people are dealing their businesses at their fingertips. The need for a robust code of conduct thus for the technology and the software industry is a predominant concern.

AI and Code of Conduct

The latest rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and their massive adoption by the big technology firms like Google, Microsoft has emerged the phenomenon to an entirely new one. The power of Artificial Intelligence is so vast that there is a massive concern of its misuse. To mitigate the concern and govern of the AI practice a movement is underway. Although academically it has already started. Several top universities have come up with initiatives to make the ethical concern as an academic practice as well.

Scrum and incorporating Code of Conduct in Software Company

However, to gain from the most of the ethics-related issues the organizations or software companies must focus on to create their code of conduct. A framework named Scrum is being used by the software companies since the mid-1990’s to make sure their services are following certain norms.

Scrum has five values to follow.
• Commitment
• Courage
• Focus
• Openness
• Respect

By following Scrum, an organization can detect and fix internal code matrix.

Code of Conduct and CoreiBytes

CoreiBytes believes in strong work ethic. Loyalty towards the job brings loyalty towards the Organization, which ultimately brings the success and this creates a healthy culture within the Organization. As a service-based company, it is imperative for CoreiBytes to have a healthy organizational culture and uniformity among the employees. CoreiBytes has a stable code of conduct, which is hugely employee centric. CoreiBytes believes, it is the employee who brings the organizational success, and the code of conduct acts as a benchmark for bringing the right people who enrich the corporate culture.

Changes in Google’s Code of Conduct

Google has brought a considerable change in its code of conduct. “Don’t be evil” was a huge part of Google’s code of conduct since 2000 and it was so influential to them that they have used it to some of their other major activities. It has been rephrased to “do the right thing” after being reorganized by the parent company named Alphabet in 2015. However, this time, the phrase has been erased out from the latest version of the code of conduct. However, it seems a replenish version of the earlier one. By the final line of the code of conduct, Google is asking each of its member’s ownership to the company to whistle blow in case of any dismay, from their respective places for the betterment of the organization.