Discover an Innovative Program for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Discover An Innovative Program For Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

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Industry: Web of Things

Country: USA

Scope of work: Software Development

Technology stack: Java 8, Java EE (JEE), Docker (docker swarm), Mysql, RabbitMq, Mqtt


CoreiBytes Ltd. is excited to share that we’re teaming up with a top Swiss inventor to make our smart lights even better. This new software is part of our cool digital tools made just for businesses and cities. It will help cities run smoother and use less energy, making life better for everyone.
Our business program has cool ideas to make cities better. We’ve got smart solutions that help save energy and make the air cleaner. Our special software for managing lights is a big part of this plan. It helps cities save money on fixing lights and makes them easier to control.
Through working together, CoreiBytes Ltd. wants to help businesses and industries use less energy, make less pollution, and help the Earth. We’re excited to change how cities and businesses use energy and help make the world a better place. Join us in revolutionizing the way cities and businesses manage their energy consumption and environmental impact.
CoreiBytes Ltd. proudly presents our business program offering versatile city control solutions designed to cater to the diverse needs of sprawling urban centers, charming towns, and everything in between. These innovative solutions extend beyond public spaces to benefit private companies, transportation infrastructures, and sports facilities, delivering advanced capabilities for enhanced operations.
In alignment with CoreiBytes Ltd.’s vision, our client is committed to pioneering technologies and solutions that drive the evolution toward intelligent and interconnected urban and industrial ecosystems. Join us in revolutionizing city management and industry operations with our cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


The Smart City solutions provider sought a collaborative partner to accelerate the development of their lighting control platform. They required specialists with a profound understanding of the project domain and expertise in the chosen technology, particularly in integrating software development with Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the realm of advanced lighting systems.
Recognizing the proficiency in these areas, the client engaged our team, attracted by our reputation for successfully managing complex projects. The primary objective of this partnership was to accelerate software development while adhering to the outlined plan and ensuring top-notch quality
As part of our business program tailored for urban and industrial ecosystems, we are proud to collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation and efficiency in smart city solutions. Join us as we pave the way for interconnected and intelligent urban environments.

Revolutionizing Smart City Lighting Solutions

CoreiBytes Ltd. has been at the forefront of adapting remote management and monitoring software to meet the evolving standards of Smart City technology. Our dedicated team focuses on developing new features, enhancing existing functions, and ensuring alignment with the latest Smart City protocols. Through careful testing and integration, we maintain compatibility and functionality, enabling seamless operation within the broader Smart City ecosystem
Our Smart City lighting technology solution comprises two key software products:

Content Management System (CMS)

A browser-accessible CMS tailored precisely for smart street lighting offers a responsive interface for seamless operation on devices of any size. It requires no special installations beyond a recommended browser and offers adaptable hosting options, including cloud environments managed by the client’s team or end-users.
The CMS integrates with network gateways and devices, streamlining communication and control across the lighting network. This IoT-enabled integration facilitates:
Universal Lighting Integration: Compatibility with existing infrastructure allows for upgrading current lamp posts with smart capabilities or installing contemporary lights with integrated controllers
Dynamic and Volumetric Dimming: A mesh network of sensors enables real-time adjustment of lighting intensity, responding to road users and varying traffic densities, achieving up to 80% energy savings while maintaining optimal illumination levels.
Customizable Dimming Schedules: Users can set daily profiles for different geographical areas, days of the week, and times of the year, optimizing energy savings and adapting to urban needs.
Smart City Protocol Compliance: Adherence to the Smart City Protocol ensures seamless integration and interoperability within the Smart City ecosystem.
Energy Consumption Tracking: The system supports sustainable development by significantly reducing environmental footprint through easy monitoring of energy consumption and savings.
Fault Detection and Alerts: Automatic alerts in case of malfunctions minimize downtime by addressing issues promptly.
Operational Efficiency: Remote management capabilities enhance daily operations by enabling reconfiguration of equipment from afar and swift response to citizen complaints and malfunctions.
Enhanced Comfort and Safety: Ensuring safety with adequate illumination while providing finer and more adaptive settings to improve lighting quality and user experience for both drivers and pedestrians.

Mobile Application

An essential tool for installation and maintenance of the lighting infrastructure, the mobile app includes features such as barcode scanning for easy inventory of new light points and GPS geolocation for precise on-site services.
The latest update introduces a comprehensive inventory section detailing all equipment, with incidents readily accessible for immediate resolution on-site. A notifications log tracks equipment status changes and alerts, streamlining maintenance and enhancing system reliability.



CoreiBytes Ltd. has been the key development partner, contributing to expanding and maintaining the entire software suite for over two years. Enterprises offering innovative technologies and solutions, like our client, can handle the entire process more effectively with a supportive partner adept in strategic areas. Join us as we revolutionize Smart City lighting solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts with CoreiBytes Ltd., the client’s customers now enjoy a more intuitive and efficient management of their lighting systems. Our system aligns with globally accepted Smart City standards, ensuring enhanced interoperability and future scalability. Moreover, the enhanced capabilities enable a more responsive and sustainable approach to city illumination, leading to reduced operational costs and energy consumption.
In essence, the partnership has not only illuminated the streets but also illuminated the potential for smarter, more eco-friendly urban environments. The project serves as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration in the tech sphere.
With CoreiBytes Ltd., the future is not just bright–it’s brilliant. Join us as we revolutionize Smart City illumination solutions for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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