Optimizing Chemical Data Management System

Optimizing Chemical Data Management System

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Industry: Chemicals
Country: USA
Scope of work: Business analysis, System architecture, Web development
Technology stack: .NET, Vue.js, React


Businesses are dealing with complicated rules and strict regulations, so having a good Business Data Management System (BDMS) is really important. Keeping data organized and using it well is crucial for making operations better and following the rules. At CoreiBytes Ltd., we’re good at coming up with digital solutions, and we know how hard it can be for companies in all sorts of industries.
Our client, a big name in making really good materials, had a tough time keeping their data organized. With lots of technical details, rules from the market, and things their clients wanted, not having a clear plan for managing data was a big problem.
One important part of this data problem was dealing with Technical Data Sheets (TDS). Every material went through a lot of testing, and the results were carefully put together into TDS documents. But because things weren’t done in the same way each time, it was really hard to compare and understand the information.
At first, using manual methods took too much time and led to mistakes, which caused problems for different parts of the company. The sales, research, and labs teams struggled with complicated Excel files, showing that they really needed better business software for managing data.
At CoreiBytes Ltd., we recognize the imperative for businesses to transition from data chaos to clarity. Our tailored solutions empower organizations to streamline their data management processes, facilitating seamless collaboration and informed decision-making across all departments.


Our client faced a myriad of challenges deeply rooted in their reliance on manual processes. In the absence of a centralized Business Data Management System (BDMS), data was scattered across various departments, leading to a lack of real-time visibility into critical information. This fragmentation made it challenging to meet market standards and fulfill customer specifications promptly.
Making Technical Data Sheets (TDS) by hand made things worse, because each sheet needed to be exactly right and include everything important. But since there wasn’t a set way to make them, it took a lot of work and often had mistakes, which made it hard to follow the rules both inside and outside the company.
Moreover, the client’s existing IT infrastructure lacked the capability to handle complex data integration, particularly with external systems. In industries where regulatory compliance is paramount, such as chemical engineering, ensuring data integrity and security is essential, posing yet another obstacle.
Adding to the complexity was the need for a system that could support automatic generation of TDS while remaining adaptable to evolving technologies and business requirements. This necessitated a deep understanding of the client’s current state and future aspirations.
To address these challenges and modernize data management, we embarked on designing a robust Business Data Management System tailored to seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing IT ecosystem. However, achieving this required a thorough analysis of their distinct data landscape and operational needs.  


CoreiBytes Ltd. initiated the project with an extensive scoping session aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the client’s unique data landscape. Recognizing the complexities involved, we conducted a feasibility study to inform the development of a customized solution targeting several key areas:

  • System Architecture: We crafted a robust system architecture that seamlessly aligned with the client’s existing IT infrastructure and security measures.
  • Data Standardization: By unifying disparate technical parameters into a consistent framework, we eliminated the chaos caused by varied data formats.
  • Data Import: We facilitated the smooth transition from spreadsheet-based disorder to a streamlined digital platform by importing market standards, existing product databases, and laboratory measurement data into the system.
  • Customer Standards Mapping: Our solution mapped customer standards to the newly standardized technical framework, ensuring alignment across all fronts.
  • Process Automation Definition: We precisely outlined processes for full or semi-automatic execution, aiming to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Product Search: Our system features advanced search capabilities to simplify data retrieval and improve user experience.
  • Automated Documentation: We incorporated a feature for automatic generation of technical documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Data Visualization: Robust data visualization tools were integrated to transform raw data into actionable insights, facilitating better decision-making.

Our primary objective in designing these features was to streamline pre-sales, sales, and after-sales processes while enhancing overall operational efficiency through automation and data visualization. The resulting system, comprising an advanced Business Data Management System (BDMS) with dedicated modules for Product Information Management (PIM) and Laboratory Data Management (LDM), offers efficient data handling for various business materials, covering marketing, technical, and regulatory information.
Additionally, to meet the client’s analytical and data processing needs, we incorporated an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) for easy integration with external tools, providing flexibility for future applications.
CoreiBytes Ltd. implemented a rapid deployment strategy to seamlessly integrate the new solution into the client’s ongoing operations. Through tough planning and quick development methodologies, we ensured that the software met all functional requirements, with continuous testing to optimize performance and scalability.

Business Impact:

The Business Data Management System developed by CoreiBytes Ltd. revolutionized our client’s approach to handling data. Our software offers a unified, reliable, and standardized repository for all product-related information, empowering the company to effortlessly meet industry-specific requirements. This system facilitates comprehensive benchmarking against market and customer standards, replacing previously manual and error-prone processes with automation.
In addition to streamlining internal workflows, our tailored software promotes collaboration across different business units, enhancing the company’s ability to monitor production quality and compare results with customer expectations. By proactively identifying quality issues, the system mitigates challenges associated with subpar batches, thus significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
Moreover, beyond immediate operational enhancements, the business data management software elevates our client’s data management capabilities to industry-leading standards. With features such as API capabilities, the solution provides a distinct competitive advantage, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. Consequently, our client can swiftly respond to market dynamics and regulatory changes.
In summary, CoreiBytes Ltd.’s custom-designed Business Data Management System transcends mere problem-solving; it revolutionizes our client’s business operations. Through data modernization, this sophisticated solution emerges as a strategic asset, offering a sustainable edge in a fiercely competitive and regulated market landscape.

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