Mobile App Development-How it works!

Mobile app development how it works

Mobile App Development Process

At CoreiBytes applications are developed on a regular basis for mobile devices such as tablets and phones. They are significantly demanded due to their usefulness in the business world. Product and services as well other businesses can be optimized through the use of mobile applications.

The process of mobile app development should start with the mobile app specifications documentation. This is the most critical stage of the development. The developer interacts with mobile app owners to understand the requirements of the application that needs to be developed. This ensures that the specific requirements of the mobile app owner are outlined and adequately communicated to the developer.

After that, a feasibility study is conducted to ensure that the owner’s requirements are feasible on the specified mobile application platform. It is crucial that the mobile app aligns with the goal of the owners. A prototype, which arranges the elements of the mobile app in such a way that accomplishes best and accurate representation of the particular purpose of the mobile app, is developed after the feasibility study. A rough sketch of the project is created and presented to the app owner to seek his approval. The problems, challenges and the need which the mobile app would address are identified, and suggestions are offered by the developer.

Lack of proper planning can turn a beautiful design into a nightmare. Time should be taken to develop a detailed plan to get a model within which the developer can work with higher confidence coupled with the best chance of achieving the specific goals of the mobile app.

The best user experience is created by refining and iterating through the identification of verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks. The creative vision of the project is identified and then squeeze through the creative direction to makes it happen on the mobile app. The developed application is tested to ensure that it is errors and bugs free.