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Where is the content of a website stored online? Hosting is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape, with businesses relying more heavily on online presence than ever before. Essentially, web hosting facilitates the accessibility of website content to users, enabling seamless browsing and interaction with the provided information.
Web hosting serves as the foundational platform for the manifestation of online endeavors, akin to the drawing board for the masterpieces of the digital age. It offers various hosting types, including shared, cloud, dedicated, reseller, and enterprise hosting, each catering to specific needs and preferences.
Among these hosting options, shared hosting stands out as a highly favored choice among users due to its cost-effectiveness. This type of hosting allows multiple websites to share resources on a single server, making it a budget-friendly option for individuals and small businesses alike.

At CoreiBytes, we specialize in offering comprehensive web application and website development services, alongside tailored web-based solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs. When it comes to hosting solutions, we confidently recommend Siteground’s shared hosting service for its unmatched effectiveness and efficiency.
Siteground provides three distinct types of shared hosting plans, each catering to different requirements:

Primary Plan:

This plan, also known as the startup plan, is designed to offer all the essential features necessary for launching a website successfully. It caters to a wide range of websites, including standard-sized blogs, personal sites, and small businesses. Many small e-commerce stores also find this plan suitable for their needs. The Primary Plan provides a seamless entry point into the vast possibilities of the online world.
A primary hosting plan should provide the following services:

  • Free Website Builder
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • Free Setup & Transfer
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • SSD Storage
  • Free Auto Daily Backups
  • Trial period Money Back
  • Unlimited Email Accounts & DBs
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Medium Plan:

When a business experiences growth or faces increased website traffic beyond the capacity of basic hosting plans, it’s time to consider upgrading to the Medium Hosting Plan. This plan serves as a pivotal step forward, indicating that the website has effectively captured its target audience and is expanding its online presence.

Key features of the Medium Hosting Plan include:

  • Unlimited Websites: This plan allows for the hosting of multiple websites on a single account, eliminating the need for additional costs associated with hosting each site separately. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses managing multiple online properties.
  • Premium Speed: The Medium Plan ensures optimal website performance by providing premium speed, regardless of the platform being used. This ensures that visitors experience fast loading times and seamless navigation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Premium Backup: With the Medium Plan, users benefit from a robust backup system that includes a generous number of backups and user-friendly restoration tools. This premium backup feature offers peace of mind by safeguarding website data against potential loss or corruption.

Advanced Plan

The Advanced Hosting Plan is tailored for websites experiencing heavy traffic or requiring extensive resources to operate efficiently. This plan caters to users seeking to minimize server resource sharing, ensuring optimal performance for their websites.
Key features of the Advanced Hosting Plan include:

1.More Power per User: With resources allocated to a limited number of users, the Advanced Plan offers increased power and performance, enhancing website responsiveness and stability even during peak traffic periods.
2.E-Commerce: For medium-sized e-commerce websites, the Advanced Plan is an excellent choice due to its capability to accommodate a broader product line and its inclusion of server PCI compliance, ensuring secure transactions and customer data protection.
3.Staging Tools: This hosting plan provides advanced staging tools specifically designed for platforms like WordPress and Joomla, along with pre-installed Git for streamlined development processes and website management.
4.Instant Backups On Demand: Users of the Advanced Plan benefit from an instant and more advanced backup system, allowing for quick and efficient restoration of website data in case of emergencies or unforeseen issues.

In summary, the Advanced Hosting Plan offers enhanced performance, security, and convenience, making it an ideal solution for websites with high traffic volumes or complex resource requirements.

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